From EMI shielding to ferrite filtering, you can depend on Regal for advanced interconnect solutions.

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Speakers & Speaker Assemblies

You can call on Regal to design, tool and fabricate a complete speaker sub-assembly to save time and cost on your assembly line.

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Welcome to Regal Electronics, Inc.

We are an internationally recognized manufacturer of electronic components, speakers, connectors, and a wide variety of
related products and services. The Regal name can be found on literally thousands of products shipped to just about every corner of the globe.

Established in 1976, Regal  Electronics, Inc. is headquarter in Sunnyvale, California with over 20,000 square feet of combined office, R&D and warehouse space centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Regal Debuts New Line of Micro Speakers and Receivers

Regal Electronics’ Adds New Line of High-Power, High Efficiency, Micro Speakers and Receivers for PDA, Cell Phone and other Portable Applications Sunnyvale, CA— Regal Electronics has added a new micro speaker to its product line that is a little over a half inch in... read more