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From EMI shielding to ferrite filtering, you can depend on Regal for advanced interconnect solutions.  Some models RoHS Compliant ( = RoHS Compliant)

Note: Due to the high demand for Regal products with RoHS properties, drawings and specifications are being updated daily. If RoHS documentation is not available on the Regal Web site for a particular product, please email Regal to see if documentation is currently being developed for that product.

Regal welcomes the opportunity to quote off-the-shelf or custom designed components to meet your exact needs.

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We also offer cross referencing services. Just fax your specifications toll-free to our engineering department for a quotation.

BNC Connectors

High Speed, Low Crosstalk, RJ-45 Cat3 and Cat5E Connectors

  • 155 Series Category-5E Jacks:  Unshielded, Shielded, EMI Gasket, Ferrite Filter 1-8 Ports
  • 152 Series Category-3 Jacks: Unshielded, Shielded, EMI Gasket, Ferrite Filter 1-8 Ports
    (Note: The single port versions for both the 155 & 152 Series have  the form, fit and function Regal 155 Series RJ-45 High Performance Connectorsof the AMP equivalent).

Standard Modular Jacks

Data Line Products

RJ-45 and RJ-12 In-Line Couplers

USB, Mini USB, and Combination RJ45/USB Connectors

  • Mini USB:  PCB Receptacles, Type A and B Styles, Surface Mount, Right Angle
  • Type A USB:  PCB Receptacles, Single and Dual Stacked Port, Right Angle
  • Type B USB:  PCB Receptacle, Single, Right Angle, Single Port
  • Type A USB Surface Mount:  Receptacle, Right Angle, Single Port
  • Type A and B Vertical:  Straight Top Entry, Single PortUSB Receptacles
  • Type A and B Vertical:  Straight Top Entry, Single Port
  • USB Type A and RJ 45 ComboTwo USB Type A Receptacles and RJ-45 Port, With LED’s

HDMI Connectors

IEEE 1394 (Firewire)

  • IEEE 1394Right Angle and Vertical, Single Port, Shielded

D-Subminiature ConnectorsD-subminiature connectors

D-Subminiature Backshells and Accessories

Sockets, Headers and JumpersRegal IDC Card Edge

Regal  shielded mini-din connectorMini Din and Standard Din Connectors

Regal Connector Components Listed by Part Number

Updated Oct. 29, 2010

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